Erasmus+ Student Mobility (Philipps-Universität Marburg)

Slika Simona Žikić
Erasmus+ Student Mobility (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
napisao/la Simona Žikić - utorak, 23. oktobar 2018., 14:00

Studenti FMK mogu da konkurišu za učešće u programu razmene studenata Erasmus + na Univerzitetu Filips u Marburgu, Nemačka.

Prijave možete poslati na imejl: najkasnije do 15. novembra. Prilikom prijavljivanja bi trebalo poslati:

  • Motivaciono pismo na engleskom jeziku
  • Prosečnu ocenu tokom studija
  • Potvrdu o znanju engleskog jezika (B1)

Više informacija o uslovima studentske razmene:

Mobility Grant/ Accommodation

The monthly grant in the 2017-2019 project is 800 Euro (2018-2020 projects 850 Euro), but the students will receive 70% of their total grant in the beginning of their mobility (in March/April upon arrival) and the remaining amount of 30% at the end of semester (usually in June/July). The amount reimbursed for travel expenses depends on the distance between the home university and the receiving university (275-820 Euro). Our financial department needs up to 3 weeks to process every grant. Therefore, please inform your students that they should bring money for the first 2 or 3 weeks with them.

In our Online application (after the nomination) the students can book a single room in one of our dormitories and it costs depending on the dormitory 200-350 Euro per month. The students must pay their rent from the grants. ERASMUS+ will not pay the intensive German language course (beginning March, 4 weeks, cost: 300 Euros), but the semester contribution of ca. 350 Euros for the nominated students. It is advisable to attend the German intensive course. 

Accommodation can be granted for your students with reservation: we reserved a limited amount of spare student accommodation. However, we can not completely promise that your students will get a room due to deadline issues with student housing. 

Please inform your students about the required Learning Agreement of Erasmus+ programme. For one semester exchange students have to study courses 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. This Learning Agreement must be filled out before the mobility.

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