Mogućnost za zaposlenje studenata FMK

Slika Simona Žikić
Mogućnost za zaposlenje studenata FMK
napisao/la Simona Žikić - četvrtak, 1. februar 2018., 16:44

Job description/qualifications

Full time employment
Flexible working hours
Social media manager/copywriter:
  • creative
  • excellent visual and verbal expression 
  • excellent understanding of English written and spoken language (including popular “urban” vocabulary)
  • ability to write captions for social media, blogs and website content
  • ability to express yourself in writing in “corporate” language as well as common spoken/slang (mostly for the UK market)
  • ability and interest in researching online (profiles, best practices etc)
  • creating social media strategies
  • ability to handle technology with ease, apps, programmes for editing photos, videos 
  • understanding of online advertising including Google, Facebook (Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, GDN) and PCP
  • team player
  • available to travel and dedicate time, enthusiasm and effort into work but also fun
Please send CVs to (motivational letters are optional)