doc. dr Orli Fridman
Izborna istraživačka opcija na: Kultura globalnih medija

Students interested in issues of Peace and Conflict Studies as related to media and communications studies will be able to explore themes related to conflict and post-conflict dynamics.
Possible case studies to work on may include - the post-Yugoslav conflicts of the 1990s, current post-Yugoslav states, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

additionally students interested in issues related to collective memory, social memory studies, process of collective remembrance and forgetting as related to post-conflict societies can develop research topics in accordance.

By the end of this semester and in the Spring semester, we will be searching for students to join a research in cooperation with the center for international intervention at Surrey University

also check out our Center for Comparative Conflict Studies page

the research will focus on themes in international intervention world wide, and Serbia as one of the case studies. The final project will include video interviews about perceptions of Belgrade citizens on the 1999 NATO bombings.

Students will be trained in research methods focusing on data collections through interviews and data analysis in the social sciences, as related to conducting empirical research.

working language: English